Air Freight & Air Line Division

Built on a heritage of highly reliable scheduled air-cargo service and Industry leader with a modern, all-cargo fleets, Coverage of major world markets, vast experience in air cargo and a commitment to quality, safety and customer service, AR Air Freight Division is a key player in the facilitation of Sri Lankan trade as well as in Maldives, middle East, Fareast….

AR Freight facilitates modern aircrafts, well-trained crews, reliable schedules and on-time service. In fact, we’re so sure of our industry-leading capabilities that our relationship with a few customers includes a commitment to operate flights 98.5% on time – all the time. We handle general goods such as electronics, clothing, personal packages, boxed goods, dry food items, Sea foods, building material, machinery parts and much more.

  • Special Cargo like : Medicine, Blood, Historical Valuble Cargo
  • Perishables Cargo : Fresh fruits and vegetables such as cherries, fresh-cut flowers & Foliage, seafood, frozen specialty foods.
  • Dangerous goods : Following strict worldwide procedures and with expert care, Polar can carry dangerous goods such as chemicals, gases, Toxins, Oil, Poison, Oxidizing Items, Flammable Stuff, Magnets.

AR Freight Air Cargo Division provides air cargo services to every major continent in the world including North America, Latin and South America, the Far and Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa. We understand that air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities.

Air Freight Products & Services
  • 1. Air Cargo Airport to Airport
  • 2. Air Cargo Door to Door
  • 3. Air Cargo Charters
  • 4. Air Cargo Consolidation
  • 5. Air Cargo Dangerous Goods Handling

Coverage of all major global markets, including fast-growing Asia-Pacific as well.
Vast long time experience in the airfreight industry.
Consistent reliability
Commitment to quality standards and safety.
Experienced well trained employees located around the globe skilled in every aspect of air cargo.

We are specialized in :

  • 1. Air Cargo Apparels
  • 2. Air Cargo Accessories
  • 3. Air Cargo Perishables (Fruit & Vegetables, Tuna etc)
  • 4. Air Cargo Live Fish
  • 5. Air Cargo Live Plants
  • 6. Air Cargo Dry Food Stuff
  • 7. Air Cargo Other General Cargo
  • 8. Air Cargo Special Project Cargo